From “To Popularise Literature in the States” by Algernon de Vivier Tassin (1916)

“From a very early date editors had been keenly conscious of the need for variety. The New England Magazine, 1758, price eight pence a number of sixty pages, gave in an advertisement this description of its contents:


Old-fashioned writing and Select Essays,

Queer Notions, Useful Hints, Extracts from Plays;

Relations Wonderful and Psalm and Song,

Good Sense, Wit, Humour, Morals, all ding dong;

Poems and Speeches, Politicks, and News,

What Some will like and others Some refuse;

Births, Deaths, and Dreams, and Apparitions, Too;

With some Thing suited to each different Geu (gout?)

To Humour Him, and Her, and Me, and You.”

Here’s hoping that this is a set of guidelines for future posts.

For further reading on the value of creative mish-mash and seemingly structureless variety, take a glance in this direction.


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